Brand identity for premium frozen yogurt. The design for Ayomo brings to life the brand personality of premium, artisan and whimsical. The identity takes its inspiration from the form and swirl of yogurt referencing the cycle of good food cultivation while keeping yogurt front of mind. Luminous cascading spirals of yogurt are explored in the visual language in a beautiful and playful way.

Completed under the direction of Truly Deeply.


Brand identity for Japanese restaurant. The identity follows the traditional Japanese restaurant brand formula with the use of calligraphic characters. Scale and placement of characters is explored to give the identity a contemporary look. The pattern takes its inspiration from the letter form of 'WAYA' in an abstract way. Stylised, contemporary and unique, the pattern creates an ownable visual language for Waya to differentiate itself in the market.

Freelance client work


Brand identity for five-star skin rejuvenation clinic. Duquessa means Duchess in Catalan. The design approach for this brand is bringing Duquessa alive as a person by telling stories about her through her personal things – It could be a feather pen she uses to write love letters, or a lyrebird she keeps as a pet.

The identity takes its inspiration from decorative drop cap used in storybooks. Neutral colour palette is used to convey a sense of premium and luxury.

Completed under the direction of Truly Deeply.

Maki Maki 

Brand Identity for takeaway sushi shop. The design aims to create a delightful sushi experience by personalising the sushi and using bright colours in a playful way.

Freelance client job.

More project details and work are available upon on request.

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